M&A Advisory

CCG Advisors’ experienced professionals provide guidance in exclusive business sales, management buyouts, private equity recapitalizations and Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP).

Since many of our clients have only one business to sell in their lifetime, the strategic sale of their company will be the largest and most important business transaction of their life.

We help you get your company game day ready to maximize the reward you’ll reap for your lifetime of investment. Then, we navigate the universe of strategic buyers interested in your company and ensure you choose the right match for achieving your goals. We run a professional and confidential process, affording you a full look at the marketplace while protecting the identity of your business. We quarterback the due diligence process so that you can focus on running your business. And we negotiate vigorously on your behalf, to make sure that you rest assured on closing day that you’ve gotten the best deal possible. CCG Advisors is your team for every step of the process. We have completed dozens of deals over our twenty year history and have the expertise to understand the complex world of mergers and acquisitions.

For a business owner seeking substantial liquidity but willing to continue to lead the business, looking for capital to grow the company or buyout a partner, a private equity recapitalization might be an ideal option. In a private equity recapitalization, an institutional investor, like a private equity group (PEG), acquires an interest in the company with the agreement that the owner and his or her team will stay on to grow the business both organically as well as through acquisitions.

In a recapitalization, the business owner receives substantial personal liquidity and diversification for the interest sold. Although a PEG typically requires a controlling interest, this strategy allows the business owner to remain a significant shareholder and continue to be the driving force behind the company. Also, unlike strategic buyers, PEG buyers often look to maintain the brands they acquire, realizing the value in brand recognition and loyalty of the management, employees and clients. Therefore, post-transaction, the company will likely continue to operate under the same brand name.

As financial buyers, PEGs do not want to be involved in the daily operations of the business, but rather are looking to contribute capital and other resources to help leverage the talents of the existing best-in-class team. The PEG’s goal will be to partner with the business owner to grow the company over a period of four to seven years, on average, and then sell it to generate a return to their investors. Most equity groups have a well-defined strategy as to the type and size of companies that they invest in, how they structure their deals and their investment time horizons.

This deal is often the best choice for an owner who wishes to get substantial liquidity off the table, yet keep their brand and their team to grow the business with continued upside and significantly lower personal risk. The best candidate companies for a private equity recapitalization will have a well-thought out plan to grow the business more aggressively.

Our Role

CCG can help you to see your company through an investor’s-eyes and highlight your strengths and address any weaknesses your company may have well in advance of any transaction.

Especially post-recession, there is a wealth of private equity funding seeking attractive investment opportunities. CCG Advisors maintains relationships with hundreds of private equity investors and we are constantly monitoring the market to stay current on industry trends and opportunities. We will navigate the universe of private equity buyers and narrow the list to those that are an excellent match for helping you achieve your goals. This will allow you to remain focused on the day to day realities of your business and rest assured that your private equity partner is the right one.

Transaction due diligence with a private equity group can entangle even the most organized of companies. We are here to ensure that the process is monitored full time and creates minimal interruption to your smoothly running company.

CCG has developed a specialized niche and expertise in the planning and execution of Employee Stock Ownership Plans in addition to strategic sale and recapitalization scenarios.

The implementation of an ESOP enables the business owners to achieve liquidity and diversification from their company in a tax-advantaged manner through the creation of a retirement plan benefitting company employees. An ESOP allows the selling shareholders to get full, fair market value for an ownership interests sold, yet maintain operational control of the company if they desire. The ESOP can provide a vehicle to both reward and incentivize employees with real ownership interest it the company. There are also great tax benefits to selling shareholders, the company and the employee participants depending on how the plan is designed.

Our Role

While an ESOP is an excellent solution for certain companies, the process of implementation is among the most complex of the various exit strategies. It is easy to get lost among the many players and stages involved in an ESOP implementation. In fact, most investment bankers will tell you that they’re “just too complicated.” We believe the ESOP is an excellent solution packed with tax savings for the right candidate and that it is important to offer our clients all possible options.

Should you decide that an ESOP is the right solution for achieving your goals, we will be your representative and advocate throughout the process. In the likely event that you choose to finance your ESOP transaction in order to receive cash proceeds at closing, we will make sure you get the most favorable financing package available, maximizing your return and improving the ability of the company to meet its obligations. We quarterback this detailed process, focusing on garnering the highest valuation, the most competitive financing and the most flexible structure available in the marketplace.