"I can honestly say, it was the best decision I have ever made and CCG was the best choice for me."

Mike Miebach
Melco Electric

CCG Advisors  

Guided By Your Goals

At CCG Advisors, we are truly committed to building real and lasting professional relationships.  We believe that the referrals and goodwill of our clients are a testament to our dedicated approach to helping them achieve their goals.  We begin every client relationship with a discussion of goals and purpose.  We get to know you and your business. We start by learning what you want out of life and the business that you have built.  Then we work tirelessly to make sure that you are putting yourself and your company in the absolute best position so that you can exit at the right time for the most money.  We make sure that our goals are your goals. 

Not If, But When

We believe that the right question to ask is not if you plan to exit your business, but when.  You started, bought or inherited a company.  Did you know that only one in three businesses successfully transfer from first to second generation and only one in ten make it three generations?  The odds are that your company will not be in your family for multiple generations.  If that's true, then it is a matter of what your exit strategy will be and when you will execute it rather than if you will transition out of your business.  And if you are already committed to a transition at some point in the future, we can help you sell when the time is right.  By preparing your company today, you will be ready to capture the window of opportunity when it opens and you will be able to maintain maximum leverage through the deal process.  The best time to start planning for your eventual exit is now. 

Focused on Maximizing Value

Business owners are well-equipped with advisors ready to protect them, organize them and manage their assets, but who do you have on your team that is solely focused on making sure that you reap the most value possible from your business?  Our mission is unique among advisors - to expand the value and marketability of your company.  From identifying and addressing critical areas in your business, to understanding the deal metrics in your industry and the strengths and uniqueness of your niche, we have the tools you need to push your company's value to the maximum.  We deliver real, measurable financial results for our clients and we work tenaciously toward their goals. 

Committed To A Plan

We understand how easy it is to lose sight of the "big picture" when you're working day to day running your business. Even business owners that begin with goals in mind tend to lose track of them as the business grows and their responsibilities expand.  We believe that in order to succeed in achieving your goals, you need a concrete plan for doing so.  If you don't have a game plan, how will you know when you've "made it"?  With your goals and timeline as our guideposts, we will help you outline steps for achieving your goals.  From developing a working understanding of what your business is worth to preparing to get to market quickly when the time is right, we can help you become game day ready. 


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