"CCG was the glue that held the process together and I am deeply indebted to them for helping us get through to the other side; they are top of class in the services they provide, bar none."

Steve Struve
Latite Roofing & Sheetmetal Company

CCG Advisors  

Define Your Goals

Our process begins with learning about your personal, professional and business goals and ends only once we've helped you accomplish them.  Decades of working alongside entrepreneurial business owners has only intensified our appreciation for the time, effort and emotion you have poured into growing your business.  We understand the way the daily work of running your business can obscure the "big picture" purpose. Our mission is to help you create a plan for achieving that purpose and ultimately, to capture every cent of value that you have built in your company.  We will help you maximize the value of your company and, when the time is right, to design and close a deal tailored to suit your goals for yourself, your employees and your family. 

Maximize Value & Marketability

We help business owners to maximize the value and marketability of  their company now, as they grow and when they are ready to exit.  We identify critical areas that can affect the value of your company and even the ability to complete a transaction. We dig in well before the world is at your door for due diligence to make sure that you are truly "game day" ready.  We will recommend and implement strategies that will help you to improve your odds of reaching your goals and monitor the results so we know when the market will support the deal that is right for you.  We will make sure that you and your company are in a position of maximum strength and ready to capitalize on sale or growth opportunities.  The timing and circumstance of most business sales is unanticipated by the owner.  That said, you should always be ready so that your company will be battle-tested and ready for action.  CCG Advisors will get you there.

Explore Your Options

If and when the time is right for you to activate your exit strategy or pursue a liquidity event to get some chips off the table, CCG Advisors will help you to define and understand all your options and execute a deal that maximizes your return.  We think it is important to provide business owners with all available strategic solutions.  To that end, we have the expertise to execute a transaction that is perfectly customized to suit your unique circumstances.  You can learn more about our specific transaction capabilities for a sale, recapitalization or employee stock ownership plan though the links at left. 

Quarterback The Process

While the well-executed sale of successful company will require a team of advisors working in coordination, our role is to manage the process and ensure that the focus from beginning to end remains on achieving your goals.  We will negotiate vigorously on your behalf.  At closing, our clients can rest assured that they got the best deal possible with the benefit of our diligence and tenacity.


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