"CCG was the glue that held the process together and I am deeply indebted to them for helping us get through to the other side; they are top of class in the services they provide, bar none."

Steve Struve
Latite Roofing & Sheetmetal Company

CCG Advisors  

You'll have a universe of options when considering your exit strategy.  CCG Advisors is committed to helping you understand all your options and choosing the one that best suits your personal, professional and business goals.  Our only preference is that your strategic purpose is achieved.  

Strategic Sale

Perhaps the most widely known of all the exit strategies is an outright sale to a third party.  Usually, a third party sale means that the business owner will sell one hundred percent ownership interest in exchange for cash.  Sale DiagramThis type of transaction is typically referred to as a sale to a "strategic buyer".  The buyer is strategic in the sense that they are typically already active in the same industry and are looking to expand their business through targeted acquisitions.  Your company must fit their acquisition profile, likely in terms of size, geographic footprint, customer base and business mix.  There may be a strategic buyer already active in your area looking to add to their market share, density or customer roster. 

The third party sale is often the simplest way to sell all your interest at once for cash consideration.  If you are looking to exit your business on a short timeframe the strategic sale might be right for you.

Our Role

CCG Advisors is your team for every step of the process.  We have completed dozens of deals over our fifteen year history and have the expertise to understand the highly complex world of mergers and acquisitions.  Since most of our clients have only one business to sell in their lifetime, the strategic sale of their company will be the largest and most important business transaction of their life. 

We help you get your company game day ready to maximize the reward you'll reap for your lifetime of investment.  Then, we navigate the universe of strategic buyers interested in your company and ensure you choose the right match for achieving your goals.  We run a professional and confidential process, affording you a full look at the marketplace while protecting the identity of your business.  We quarterback the due diligence process so that you can keep your focus on running your business.  And we negotiate vigorously on your behalf, to make sure that you rest assured on closing day that you've gotten the best deal possible. 


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