"CCG was the glue that held the process together and I am deeply indebted to them for helping us get through to the other side; they are top of class in the services they provide, bar none."

Steve Struve
Latite Roofing & Sheetmetal Company

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You'll have a universe of options when considering your exit strategy.  CCG Advisors is committed to helping you understand all your options and choosing the one that best suits your personal, professional and business goals.  Our only preference is that your strategic purpose is achieved.

Employee Stock Ownership Plans

At CCG, we feel it is vital to offer all of the potential liquidity or exit strategy alternatives so that our clients knowingly choose the strategy that accomplishes their goals most effectively. ESOP DiagramThus, we have developed a specialized niche and expertise in the planning and execution of Employee Stock Ownership Plans in addition to strategic sale and recapitalization scenarios.

The implementation of an ESOP enables the business owners to achieve liquidity and diversification from their company in a tax-advantaged manner through the creation of a retirement plan benefitting company employees.  An ESOP allows the selling shareholders to get full, fair market value for an ownership interests sold, yet maintain operational control of the company if they desire. The ESOP can provide a vehicle to both reward and incent employees with real ownership interest it the company.  There are also great tax benefits to selling shareholders, the company and the employee participants depending on how the plan is designed.

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Our Role

While an ESOP is an excellent solution for the right company, the process of implementation is among the most complex of the various exit strategies.  It is easy to get lost among the many players and stages involved in an ESOP implementation.  In fact, most investment bankers will tell you that they're "just too complicated."  We believe the ESOP is an excellent solution packed with tax savings for the right candidate and that it is important to offer our clients all possible options. 

Should you decide that an ESOP is the right solution for achieving your goals, we will be your representative and advocate  throughout the process.  Most professionals that are required will be looking out for your employees which is fine yet creates the need for someone sitting on your side of the table. In the likely event that you choose to finance your ESOP transaction in order to receive cash proceeds at closing, we  will make sure you get the most favorable financing package available, maximizing your return and improving the ability of the company to meet its obligations.  We quarterback this complex process, focusing on garnering the highest valuation, the most competitive financing. and the most flexible structure available in the marketplace. 



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