"The CCG team was amazingly skilled and worked long into the night helping us craft a 'win-win-win' solution for ourselves, our employees and the new owners."

Sampuran Khalsa
Nanak's Landscaping

CCG Advisors  

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04.01.2013 | CCG Managing Partner Brian Corbett Delivers Keynote Address at Construction Executives Association General Meeting
05.24.2006 | CCG Managing Partner Brian Corbett Participates in Georgia State University Economic Forecasting Conference

White Papers
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Press Releases
09.10.2014 | CCG Completes Recapitalization of Tennessee Industrial Electronics by Summit Park
07.22.2014 | CCG Is Pleased to Announce the Addition of Brooks Cowles, Senior Vice President
04.14.2014 | CCG Completes Sale of SunTerra Landscape Services to Merit Service Solutions
12.31.2013 | CCG Completes Sale of Metheny Commercial Lawn Maintenance to The Brickman Group
11.01.2013 | CCG Completes Employee Stock Ownership Plan for Client Sunflower Landscaping & Maintenance
12.28.2012 | CCG Completes Management-Led Buyout of J-B Weld
09.17.2012 | CCG Announces Acquisition of Comforce By Client American Cybersystems
03.28.2012 | CCG Completes Sale of Church Services on Behalf of Pine Tree Equity
10.11.2011 | CCG Completes Acquisition of Marshall Emergency Services Associates by Atlanta Equity
08.04.2011 | CCG is Pleased to Announce the Addition of the Taggies Brand by Client Kids II, Inc.
03.29.2011 | CCG is Pleased to Announce the Addition of Bill Newton, Industry Expert Partner
12.22.2010 | CCG Completes Sale of Latite Roofing & Sheetmetal Company to Lincolnshire Management
12.01.2010 | CCG Completes Sale of Nanak's Landscaping to ValleyCrest Companies
01.28.2010 | CCG Completes Sale of The Green Plan to The Brickman Group
08.15.2009 | CCG is Pleased to Announce the Addition of Associate Jonathan Thomson
06.25.2009 | CCG is Pleased to Announce the Addition of Director of Client & Advisor Relations Sarah Brady
03.01.2009 | CCG Completes Sale of STH Architectural to Leo A Daly
01.06.2009 | CCG Completes Sale of Austin Outdoor to Yellowstone Landscape Group
03.01.2008 | CCG Completes Sale of SpeedCheck Conveyor to White Conveyors
09.10.2011 | CCG Completes Sale of Tropics North Landscaping to ValleyCrest
08.10.2007 | CCG Announces the Sale of SpaceMakers Closet Interiors to Windquest


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