"We hired CCG because it was obvious that they understood our business and our industry and were the kind of guys we could work with - honest and aggressive."

Eddie Schatz
Austin Outdoor

CCG Advisors  

"We were at the point of wanting to pull some money out of the business after so many years of putting money in to fuel the growth. CCG presented us with the value of the business, all the options available to us, and then proceeded to quarterback the whole process all the way to closing. The ESOP ended up being the best way to accomplish our goals while also sharing the future of the company's value with our employees.”

Bill Fash
Sunflower Landscaping & Maintenance

 “While we had had no trouble growing, we were getting to the point of wanting to know what the next chapter should look like for us. While you spend so many years building a business, you never seem to stop and think, ok, what's next? CCG did a great job of boiling it all down for us so we could make the best decision for us, our families and our business.”

Doug Fash
Sunflower Landscaping & Maintenance

Sunflower Landscaping & Maintenance, Inc. Has Adopted An Employee Stock Ownership Plan

CCG explores all liquidity options to find best match for two brothers seeking to reward their valued employees.

Brothers Bill and Doug Fash started Sunflower Landscaping in 1987 in Delray Beach, Florida, soon after graduating from college.
Sunflower Landscaping & Maintenance
has adopted an Employee Stock Ownership Plan

 •  Brian D. Corbett
Like most young companies, they grew in fits and starts in the early years, soon establishing their reputation as quality providers of landscape services. As population inflows to Florida heightened in the 1990's and early 2000's, the company flourished and grew rapidly. The Fash brothers capitalized on this by forging relationships with the largest production homebuilders in their region. As a result, Sunflower Landscaping installed more production residential units than any company in the state through the prolonged housing boom. Their highly profitable installation division pushed annual revenues to nearly $30 Million.

Bill and Doug asked CCG to help them determine how to reap the rewards of all their hard work in building their successful company. While they loved the business and planned to continue the work, they were interested in learning how to get some “chips off the table”. After a thorough examination of several options for liquidity, Sunflower and CCG formed a plan to create an Employee Stock Ownership Plan. The ESOP would enable Bill and Doug to achieve their liquidity goals, while also maintaining a role in the company. CCG created the plan, formed and managed a team of specialists to handle the technical details of the transaction and placed the financing for the stock purchase. In late 2005 a minority share of the company was sold to the ESOP which provided significant liquidity to Bill and Doug while passing real equity ownership on to the employees of Sunflower. CCG continues to assist in completing additional sales of stock in accordance with the plan, so that Bill and Doug will ultimately be compensated for their remaining equity and Sunflower will be fully owned by the ESOP. 


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