"We hired CCG because it was obvious that they understood our business and our industry and were the kind of guys we could work with - honest and aggressive."

Eddie Schatz
Austin Outdoor

CCG Advisors  

"After years of incredible growth when the time came to seriously consider an exit plan we turned to CCG. I’m glad we did, because this transaction was far more complex and nuanced than anything I had ever been involved with. Brian and his team were amazingly skilled and worked long into the night helping us craft a 'win win win' solution for ourselves, our employees and the new owners. They did an incredible job of maintaining complete confidentiality throughout the process while letting our folks focus on running the business. If at some point in time you are considering the sale of your company Brian and the CCG team are absolutely the guys you want in your corner!"

Sampuran Khalsa, Owner
 Nanak's Landscaping

Nanak's Landscaping Acquired By ValleyCrest

CCG leverages industry expertise to sell regional revenue leader 

Sampuran Khalsa and Mahan Kalpa Khalsa started Nanak's Landscaping in 1973 with one lawnmower as a way to provide for their young families. As the company grew, Nanak's innovative approach won large contracts and loyal customers.
has been acquired by
ValleyCrest Companies
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 •  Brian D. Corbett
Their success led them to commit 100% of the company's efforts to maintenance projects, resulting in a scalable business model that made it easier to grow without the peaks and valleys associated with construction.

Over the next 37 years, Sampuran and Mahan Kalpa grew Nanak's to become a Florida landscape maintenance powerhouse, with over 600 employees and five branch locations spanning the state of Florida. Nanak's became renowned in the industry for its commitment to eco-friendly business practices. By 2010, Nanak's consistently ranked as one of the top 30 largest landscape companies in the nation and one of the top 4 companies dedicated exclusively to recurring maintenance and enhancements work.

Sampuran and Mahan Kalpa were introduced to CCG when they met managing partner Brian Corbett at a landscape industry conference in 1999. In the decade of friendship that followed, Brian encouraged them to continue to build their company and lay the financial groundwork for an eventual exit. Prior to the 2008 recession, Nanak's asked CCG to do an analysis of the current value and likelihood of sale. Due to the lackluster debt markets all parties agreed to wait for better timing and in early 2010, as the economy began to recover, the owners were ready to test the market again. Based on a number of face-to-face meetings and conversations, Nanak's and CCG together identified ValleyCrest as the best partner for Nanak's future. The owners felt that ValleyCrest would honor their business principles and enable Nanak's operations and employees to grow and thrive post-closing. The Nanak's team worked tirelessly alongside CCG to negotiate and successfully complete a sale to ValleyCrest in late 2010. 


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