"We hired CCG because it was obvious that they understood our business and our industry and were the kind of guys we could work with - honest and aggressive."

Eddie Schatz
Austin Outdoor

CCG Advisors  

The referrals and goodwill of our clients and colleagues are a testament
to our commitment to building real and lasting professional relationships. 
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TIE “We had been looking for ways to grow our business to the potential that we knew it had. We knew that we needed a partner to take the company to the next level and CCG helped us find a partner that was more than we could have hoped for. We want to thank Brian, Steve, JT and their staff at CCG who helped put this deal together. I know we are going to do great things!"

- Bobby Haynes, Founder,
 Tennessee Industrial Electronics

“We interviewed a number of investment bankers before choosing CCG. CCG stood out from the others in their ability to understand the owners' story and goals and I know we made the right choice. CCG not only negotiated a tremendous deal but also helped us through the complicated financial and inventory issues, as well as all the required due diligence - keeping us focused on the goal even when things became difficult. They make a great team and I can't imagine going through the process with anyone else."

- Deborah K. Baucom, Esq.
SunTerra "Brian Corbett and Jonathan Thomson were instrumental in putting our deal together, nurturing it and bringing it to fruition. We learned that every deal process has its ups and downs and at times, we were overwhelmed, but JT and Brian helped to give guidance and assurances to make the process less overwhelming. With their seasoned expertise, we were able to work through challenges and bring the sale to completion. The project was a huge success thanks to CCG's considerable time and attention."

- Chris Carmouche, Former Owner,
 SunTerra Landscape Services

"CCG's experience played a key role in helping keep the process on track and getting this impactful transaction closed."

- Vince Willis, Chairman, Merit Service Solutions
Metheny “I truly believe that our deal would not have closed without the efforts and expertise of the CCG team. I am quite certain that we received the very best deal the market could offer for our landscape maintenance company as a result of their expertise and relationships in our industry. I can tell you having lived it that there is a lot more to this process than you might think and that you cannot get your advisors in there too early. The amount of time it takes to gather the data needed and to generate items that you've never had to even think about can be overwhelming. I cannot imagine having to navigate the sale process without CCG on our team. When it comes to having the right guys in your corner, there is no one that I'd want in mine than Brian Corbett and Jonathan Thomson. These guys were truly our partners in the deal process and I cannot thank them enough for all they did for me, our family and our company. If you are considering hiring anyone else or have any question about what these guys can do for you please call me."

- Andrew Metheny, Former Owner,
Metheny Commercial Lawn Maintenance
Sunflower II "Brian Corbett and CCG did our original, partial ESOP in 2005 and most recently our sale of the remaining shares to become a 100% S-Corporation ESOP in October of 2013. Both transactions delivered excellent results and provided us with the ability to create both liquidity for our ownership and a diversification of our net worth.   Brian and his team led both transactions and were able to keep the various parties completely on track by quarterbacking the entire process. Most importantly CCG was very instrumental in negotiating and securing us a favorable valuation as well as fantastic bank financing.  If you are considering an ESOP transaction, I would highly recommend Brian and the team at CCG as they certainly delivered the best result for us as sellers and for our employees."

- Doug Fash, Sunflower Landscaping/MAC Irrigation

“After owning a company for almost twenty years, I got to the point of wanting to get some chips off the table. Having seen many of our friends and competitors go through the sale process, we decided the ESOP was a better route for us.  Through the ESOP we were able to achieve our personal financial goals while not “selling out” or having to deal with a buyer influencing the way we want to run our business.   Brian Corbett and his team led both transactions and made certain that we received full fair market value and the absolute best financing the market would bear, which is not always the case in these things. If you want to truly maximize the deal both for yourself as a seller and for your most key employees I recommend CCG Advisors without hesitation.”

- Bill Fash, Sunflower Landscaping/MAC Irrigation
J-B Weld “Brian and his team are the real deal. We interviewed several investment bankers but they stood out from the rest. I knew we could trust their willingness to work hard to accomplish our goals - and my instincts were right. This deal had to be completed on an aggressive time frame. Against a ticking clock, the team at CCG ran a full and competitive process and maintained utmost professionalism from start to finish. They were incredibly responsive and understood and respected our timeline. They guaranteed me the absolute most competitive financing and achieved best in market results. I would be thrilled to work with them again.”

- Chip Hanson, President and CEO, J-B Weld
Church Services “It was a real pleasure to work with Brian, Jonathan and the team at CCG. They are seasoned professionals who know how to manage the process of getting a deal done. Having been through this once before, I can tell you we were better off and well satisfied to have CCG on our team.”

- Chris Church, Founder & CEO, Church Services
Pine Tree Equity "We are thrilled that Brian Corbett and CCG were able to achieve not only a great valuation for Church Services without a broad auction, but also to identify a new partner that could support the continued success of the founding entrepreneurs of Church Services. CCG struck a great balance and did it both incredibly quickly and quietly.”

- Jeff Settembrino, Managing Partner, Pine Tree Equity
Atlanta Equity "The professionals at CCG worked diligently in representing their client's interests, delivering what we anticipate will prove to be an exceptional long-term partnership for all stakeholders. As our investment represented the client's first foray with institutional investors, CCG played a key role in conveying new and complex concepts to their client in a timely and effective manner. It was clear to us from the start that CCG had an abundance of experience representing owners of closely-held businesses. The CCG folks are seasoned; they effectively anticipate issues that arise, negotiate vigorously on their client's behalf, yet are straight shooters every step of the way. We would certainly value the opportunity to work with Brian Corbett and his CCG colleagues on future transactions."

- Gerry Benjamin, Co-Managing Partner, Atlanta Equity
Kids II, Inc. “The people at CCG were an enormous help with the deal. For the first time in our history we were looking to enhance our growth through a brand acquisition and we needed to have people on our team that deal with not only the numbers but the issues business owners have to confront when buying or selling a business so we could move the process forward. There was a lot of seller hand-holding that needed to be done and CCG was able to get them to the table when it mattered most.”

- Ryan Gunnigle, CEO, Kids II, Inc.

“I have known the guys from CCG for a number of years and thought they could help us on the buy-side while many other firms only wanted to “sell” us. We knew what we wanted and once they understood that, we were off to the races. Their ability to handle the heavy lifting allowed me and my team to focus on running our business and only focus on the deal when it was crunch time.”

- Mark Henry, CFO, Kids II, Inc.
Latite Roofing & Sheetmetal "I am happy that the deal is closed and I cannot thank the folks at CCG enough for the support, the hard work and the counseling sessions required to get this deal across the finish line!  CCG was the glue that held the process together and I am deeply indebted to them for helping us get through to the other side.  They are top of class in the services they provide, bar none."

- Steve Struve, Latite Roofing & Sheetmetal Company
Nanak's Landscaping "After years of incredible growth, when the time came to seriously consider an exit plan, we turned to CCG.  I'm glad we did because this transaction was far more complex and nuanced than anything I had ever been involved with.  Brian and his team were amazingly skilled and worked long into the night helping us craft a 'win-win-win' solution for ourselves, our employees and the new owners.  They did an incredible job of maintaining complete confidentiality throughout the process while letting our folks focus on running the business.  If at some point in time you are considering the sale of your company, Brian and the CCG team are absolutely the guys you want in your corner."

- Sampuran Khalsa, Nanak's Landscaping
The Green Plan "I could not have done the deal without the folks at CCG.  From start to finish they were focused on helping me find the best deal for me and my people.  I told them that the money being right was only one part and I was concerned with life after closing for my employees and customers.  Their continued support and loyalty was important to me.  There was much more to the deal than I would have expected and CCG covered areas I would not have thought of or known how to manage.  If you want someone who will look out for your best interest through the process and to the end, I highly recommend CCG Advisors."

 - Jeff Pope, The Green Plan
Austin Outdoor "We hired CCG because it was obvious that they understood our business and our industry and were the kind of guys we could work with - honest and aggressive.  They ran a very thorough process which ultimately led to six serious buyer candidates.  In the end, CCG found the right partner an the right deal for us.  I can tell you that these guys manage the process from start to finish. I am not sure we would have closed had they not stayed so involved between the LOI and the negotiation of the purchase agreement.  It is easy to see how the business points could get lost in all the legal and accounting if someone like CCG is not there to bulldog the deal across the finish line."

- Eddie Schatz, Austin Outdoor
Sunflower Landscaping & Maintenance, Inc. "We were at the point of wanting to pull some money out of the business after so many years of putting money in to fuel the growth.  CCG presented us with the value of the business, all the options available to us, and then proceeded to quarterback the while process all the way to closing.  The ESOP ended up being the best way to accomplish our goals while also sharing the future of the company's value with our employees."

- Bill Fash, Sunflower Landscaping & Maintenance, Inc.

"While we had no trouble growing, we were getting to the point of wanting to know what the next chapter should look like for us.  While you spend so many years building a business, you never seem to stop and think, 'OK, what's next?'  CCG did a great job boiling it all down for us so we could make the best decision for us, our families and our business."

- Doug Fash, Sunflower Landscaping & Maintenance, Inc.
Latite Roofing & Sheetmetal Company "At the age of 67 and considering the growth we had experienced over the past three years, I knew it was time for me to get my chips off the table and find the growth capital necessary for my son and the team we had put in place to take the business forward.  After all the years of putting more and more into the business, it was the right time for me to get my equity out and CCG delivered, never wavering even in the face of some significant obstacles along the way."

- Dave Struve, Latite Roofing & Sheetmetal Company

"By doing the deal with a private equity buyer we were able to cash out my dad, create some liquidity for ourselves and have the right capital and the right partner to take the business to the next level.  Looking back, we could not have timed our deal any better and there is no one other than CCG that could have helped us get the deal we got.  If they tell you something is going to happen, it's going to." 
- Steve Struve, Latite Roofing & Sheetmetal Company
Sanderson Industries, Inc "CCG was able to help me transition our family business to the right buyer at the right time.  This allowed us to achieve the personal and financial goals of the family while ensuring that our company would succeed even beyond the family's involvement.  We knew CCG was the right firm for us after meeting with tem and two other groups at our attorney's office.  It was obvious to me that they understood what we were trying to accomplish and that they were focused on the issues that mattered most to me."

- Walter Sanderson, Sanderson Industries, Inc.
SpeedCheck Conveyor "The CCG guys were truly professional in every sense of the word.  They did everything they said they would do and then some.  The process had more than its fair share of surprises, delays and challenges to which CCG responded unflinchingly.  If they tell you they are going to make it happen, they will.  I would work with CCG again if the opportunity ever presented itself based upon our experience in the sale of SpeedCheck Conveyors."

- Joe Rubin, SpeedCheck Conveyors
Tropics North Landscaping "I told CCG that I knew of their reputation in my industry and that when the time was right I would let them help me sell the company.  I was 39 at the time, so I figured that would be in about ten years.  I guess timing is everything, since a large strategic buyer called me not two weeks later and made an overture to buy my business.  The guys at CCG reacted quickly and helped me negotiate a deal that I am certain was the best thing for me, my family, and my employees.  Sometimes plans are meant to change, and in my case, having CCG's guidance and expertise helped me change the course of my family's history in a very, very positive manner.  It would not have happened without them."

- Charles Gonzalez, Tropics North Landscaping
Melco Electric "I was introduced to CCG by a lifelong friend whose business they had sold during the prior year.  Even though I did not think I was ready to sell my company, they were able to demonstrate trends in my industry and valuations for companies comparable to mine that really got my attention.  I am glad I chose to sell when I did.  I can honestly say, it was the best decision I have ever made and CCG was the best choice for me."

- Mike Miebach, Melco Electric
Compass Telecom "We certainly were glad to have Brian on our team.  He and the folks at CCG stuck with us through a process that took over two years to complete due to rapid changes within our industry.  I can say for certain that once CCG commits to a client they are in for the long haul!"

- JC Massey, Compass Telecom

"We were getting approached by so many interested buyers at the beginning of the process, it was critical to have someone on our end run the process for us.  If we had to handle it all ourselves we would not have had time to run the business.  In the end, CCG helped us find the right buyer and the right deal."

- Matt Prather, Compass Telecom
Tandem Landscape Company "Without Brian and the efforts of the other people at CCG, I can tell you my deal would never have gotten done.  The initial offer was less than fifty percent of what we expected the company to be worth.  Brian's knowledge of the prices in our industry and his patience helped us to get the value I had to have in order to sell."

-Mark Sorrentino, Tandem Landscape Company
The Impact Group "CCG's knowledge of the industry coupled with Brian's deal making experience was invaluable to us.  In a process that took eight months to complete, having CCG on our side allowed us to focus on running our business while Brian ran the sale process."

- Ray Keenan, The Impact Group

"While we spoke with several potential buyers early on and were not really sure if we would sell, it was apparent that the fit between our company and the buyer had to be a good one in terms of strategy and personalities.  That was important to us since we are staying with the business.  Brian made sure that we negotiated the best deal possible while not creating an environment where it would be difficult for us to work with the same people after the deal closed."

-Bob DeFrain, The Impact Group
Utility Consultants  "We had a lot of inbound interest from buyers who were literally faxing in offers, which seemed a little crazy. CCG was able to sift through the suitors, bring in other even more capable and serious buyers and help Ron Lipham - COO and minority owner - and me find the best deal the market would offer. Looking back, the timing was perfect and the guys at CCG made certain that we maximized our value and that the deal closed in spite of all the bumps we hit along the way. There’s a lot more to selling a business than I ever imagined and I’m glad we had CCG on our side.”

-Irvin Gunter, Utility Consultants


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